Thursday, January 29, 2015

An April/August Romance

You're younger.
I'm older.
And though it took considerable courage to at first approach you,
you're now the bolder.

I've shown you that there's more to a man than what you previously thought.
You've shown me that romance is alive, constantly evolving, and could never be bought.

My favorite thing is when you speak of your ambitions.
And then when your eyes light up, it's as if you can will them all to fruition.
But I wouldn't dare reveal my suspicions, for then skewered would be faith in your own intuition.

The biggest difference between you and the older version of you is that you're less cynical.
Perhaps that's why I favor a romance such as this, atypical.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Conversation With Chloe (The Neighborhood Cat)

You're innocent.
I'm evil.
Who does God favor, 
me or you?

When you're angry, 
you show it.
And everybody knows it.

I however must remain calm.
To the point even of impressing others with my aplomb.

Do you stare deeply into my eyes because you
Love me?
Hate me?
Are intrigued by me?
Want to eat me?

One moment you're like a cuddly little angel;
the next, like a crazy hissing devil.

I'd wager all nine of your lives,
to know which of our kind in the distant future most thrives.