Monday, November 9, 2015


Just saying your name takes my breath away. 

It's because your beauty is radiant, young, and alive, such a wonderful sight.
And your eyes, a subtly-engraved brown, yet hauntingly bright.

When you're not smiling, though, you're crying--being painstakingly fragile, wearing your heart on your sleeve.
Tomorrow's rainbows are magnificent, why so intimately obsess about the eve?

My entire world lights up every time you're nearby! 

Did you ever imagine yourself capable of making a grown man cry?

I want to care for you, share all precious moments with you, embrace you and never let go. I'd wager all for the chance to bring you happiness, lifting high your spirits whenever they become low.

You broke my heart though, long before we ever met. 

Like an angel, a grand painting, or a fading yet spectacular desert sunset. 

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