Monday, August 22, 2016

Three Dreams

Dream #1Devil

Chief Of Staff: Mr. President, how would you like to proceed?

President Of The United States: That's a good question. And I honestly have no idea, at this point. I need more information. First of all, I don't understand how an organic life form is incapable of being, umm, neutralized.  

COS: We don't know either, sir. What I can tell you though is that all sixteen Executive Orders that would have done so resulted in the sudden, unexpected deaths of every agent and "mechanic" involved.

POTUS: But this thing is just a child. How could it have known that its life was in jeopardy?

COS: It must be receiving help and is likely unaware of its own significance. 

POTUS: Help? What kind of help? We have the most sophisticated weapons in the world, don't we? How can a little child wreck this level of havoc upon us? Are you suggesting that God Himself is helping this kid? Or that perhaps it's some sort of an "alien among us?"

COS: It's been tempting for us to think along those lines, Mr. President; but our scientists instead have calculated a 68% chance that it's a time traveler, not an alien..

POTUS: You mean, it's one of us--from the future?

COS: Yes, Mr. President.  

POTUS: Who would send it to be here, and for what reason?

COS: We can only speculate..

POTUS: So then tell me what you think.

COS: I believe we have to think along the lines of "what would be the reasons that WE would send a time-traveler back to a long ago era?" Perhaps, to influence those people in a manner that would benefit us.

Several minutes of silence.

POTUS: You've reported that our weapons appear to have no impact whatsoever on the subject? If we detonated our most lethal weapon right on top of it--it wouldn't do any damage? 

COS: To compare our most sophisticated weapons systems to theirs would be along the lines of comparing an anti-matter bomb with a tree branch, sir. 

POTUS: So then, we're just supposed to sit back and do absolutely nothing while this thing has its way with us?!

COS: There are subtle steps we can take..

POTUS: Such as?

COS: Although the specimen appears to be omnipotent and incomprehensibly intelligent--particularly when compared to any of us--it appears too to have freedom of choice.

POTUS: Please..just say what you mean.

COS: It can be influenced to make poor decisions, bad judgments. We can insure that it's surrounded by people who work for us. We can also make certain that the parents remain among the lower echelons.

POTUS: What about education? Can we make sure that it doesn't receive a quality education?

COS: Absolutely. We'll see to it that it attends the worst possible public schools. Please understand though, sir, that its raw intelligence is estimated to be 100 times greater than that of an average PhD. It's literally "off the chart."

Several minutes of silence. 

POTUS: What will it be able to do--when it becomes an adult?

COS: That's anyone's guess--but imagine if you were sent back to the age of Cro-Magnon, along with modern day technologies, weapons, luxuries, and tools..

POTUS: They'd think I was God.

COS: That's right. They'd conclude that you're able to do what you can do due to a higher power. The concept of "the evolution of mankind" would have not occurred to them; that being said, our current subject is likely capable of acts that are as of yet incomprehensible to any of us.

POTUS: But, what if it is God--or sent from God? What does that make me?

COS: Forgive me, sir, but I don't believe that thinking along those lines is beneficial to our cause.

POTUS: Our cause? What the hell do you mean?

COS: The actions you've taken have been implemented out of concern for the safety of our citizens--the American people. You of course don't harbor any personal hatred for this thing

POTUS: None of that matters, old friend. If God Himself sent us a miracle being and my only response has been to repeatedly try to kill is that "beneficial to our cause?" 

I may have single-handedly brought the ultimate curse upon all inhabitants of this planet--because of my stupidity in listening to the advice of all you devil-worshiping advisors. Me, you, and everyone around here deserves to burn in hell--but what about all the innocents of the world who'll also have to pay for what I've done?

COS: Mr. President..

POTUS: And who exactly are you? Why are you tormenting me? Do you think you know better than God Himself? Dear God, please remove me from this burdensome life: I want to be a little child again. I'm sorry for all the

Dream #2: Ancient Egypt

I know I'm in ancient Egypt, because the peaks and golden luster of her famous pyramids are visible in the faraway distance. I'm inside a cave, looking out, as the absolute blackness of night becomes suddenly sprinkled with the first rays of dawn. A little girl (of about ten years old) is sitting nearby, on the ground, holding a large off-white colored, sparkling rock. She begins to speak, but I see no one else around. I don't recognize the language, yet I understand every word..

"If I tell grandfather what you want me to tell him--about this rock--he'll just think I'm making the whole story up. He won't take me seriously."

A long silence ensues, then a youthful, friendly-sounding voice--apparently emanating from thin air--answers back, "That's OK, little one. Just tell your grandfather that I said: 

'Out of the eater comes forth meat. And out of the strong comes forth sweetness.'"

"What does that mean? Are you a God? Which God are you? Are you Ra?" asks the child..

"The rock which you now hold was placed here by One even greater than Ra. It is a gift from the Creator of all things. Tell your grandfather to share it with the wise men of your tribe, and they will discover some of the many healing properties of which it possesses. Many thousands more of your descendants will discover thousands more of its uses--for thousands of generations to come." 

"But I have only this one rock, Holy One. How will there be enough for all the people to prosper from this wonderful gift?"

Suddenly, the ominous cavern becomes fully illuminated as the powerful sun overwhelms its fading darkness. A seemingly endless supply of the sparkling white rocks are now visibly seen throughout. 

"In, around, and beneath this cave exists an everlasting reserve of these stones. Make use of their wonderment for the benefit of all humanity."

"Do these rocks have a name?"

"Yes, my child: Natron."

Dream #3: Hospital 

The bright white glare of nothingness transforms into an even softer white, sterile, minimalist hospital room. I've been here for a long time: sick, spent, and blue. 

"I'm glad mom is not alive to see this," I say to myself. "It would break her heart to see her baby child as diseased as I am." 

I cry loudly, uncontrollably--as would one who is paying penance for his sins. I exhume so much effort in doing so that I become exhausted, and quickly fall asleep. 

I awaken and see a beautiful physician, wearing a bright white lab coat, who is desperately trying to get my attention:


I stare at her, forlornly, half-asleep as she continues with her urgency, even shaking me:






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