Saturday, November 25, 2017

Dreaming Of Summerlin

Stones, hills, lightning, snow. It's one of the few big cities where Joshua trees grow.

Palm trees too, are everywhere to be seen; so much, in fact, that their appearance seems routine.

Red Rock Preserve is not far away, where you may suffer like a wild animal when climbing beautiful, endless hills that betray.

Inhale its beauty, but beware its fate: The desert is not for the weak, and many have perished under its weight.

Torrential winds that slap your face; freezing snow that turns you blue; lightning strikes that instantly transform atheists into believers; and flash floods that might carry you away to heaven (or hell).

You'll wish for all that, in the middle of summer, when the furnace-like heat will break your spirit--and cause you tremendous suffer.

Stones, trees, hills, flowers, sun, snow, wind, lightning, thunder, air, life, sickness, death.


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